Be Cautious When Buying Glasses or Eyewear Online!

  • Time: Monday, 29 November 2010 11:03

I just read this article about a nightmare experience regarding and buying frames online. What an amazing article! I have been researching companies that sell frames online to see what customers are looking at out there.   The article really pointed out that the company behind the website is just a guy in a house who doesn't have any relationship to the brands he sells on his website.

He merely finds them somewhere else, like Ebay, and sends them to his customer. No warranty and no service after the sale.  He's like a drop shipper middle man.  The craziest thing is he doesn't care at all about his customers since there will always be more and the negative reviews actually boost him on google search! I only see a small savings on the frames if any compared to an insurance or sales discount.  Insane! The good news is that nearly none of the brands they "sell" online do we sell at our store since nearly all of them are junk made in China!

So if your looking to save a few $ by buying your glasses online. Be extremely cautious and think seriously about what you are really saving. No warranty. Usually no returns. No service. You have no idea how "old" the frame is. Plastic frames dry out over time, become brittle and can be damaged easier. A small savings today can actually cost you a lot more later.

Heres a link to the article from the New York Times.  I promise that no one affiliated from The Eye Bar will ever call you at 3am! ;)