LaLoop - A great alternative to Eyeglass Chains.

  • Time: Tuesday, 08 November 2011 23:05

LaLoop was invented in 1999 - out of necessity. How many times can one look for ones glasses? And wearing those granny leashes—not an option. Why can’t something be functional and stylish and well made? That was the question and La LOOP is the answer. The magical hinges on either side of the loop enable the glasses to stay in place when in the loop.

LaLoop Eyewear St. Louis

Great Customer takes Amazing pics!

  • Time: Wednesday, 22 September 2010 16:44

A cool cat, Josh Welch from Oklahoma City was in town shooting The Flaming Lips concert at the Pageant. He picked up a pair of Face a Face sunglasses and a LaLoop. While he was here he shot some pics in the store of Jango that looked great! Check out his other shots while he was in town. Josh has some skills behind the lens!

josh welch in face a face eyeglasses
jango at the eyebar jango at the eyebar