Computer Glasses? Why?

  • Time: Monday, 07 February 2011 19:34

I work at my computer several hours a day and although I have several pairs of progressive lenses to choose from and usually sit down at my desk wearing a progressive pair, I always switch to my computer lenses. I have learned to keep them sitting there right next to my computer as I like them so much, I am bothered if I don’t have them. It is not that I can’t see well with my progressives at the computer but I find wearing the computer lenses more comfortable. I have at least 3 pairs of computer lenses to choose from but I particularly like Kodak Unique Monitor View and the very rigid, no nose pad frame the lenses are in. I think it is the combination of both that I like, because the frame fits so well and never needs adjusting. Good Opticians will tell you the frame is something else to take into account when recommending computer lenses to customers as this pair of glasses should truly be a work horse. They can be attractive of course, but don’t let form override function for these. Computer lenses are designed specifically for the near and intermediate vision environment. Less progressive power is needed which allows for the zones in the lens to be wider and less pronounced. I can look out across the room and move around the office without having to take them off yet can do close work at my desk and see perfectly.

I believe that the majority of progressive wearers who do office work, computer work and any work that involves a lot of time of screen time should have computer lenses, they are such an asset and make for a more productive and comfortable work environment. They really shouldn’t be an optional second pair of eyeglasses but should be treated as a must have. I believe consumers are being done a disservice if they are not interviewed about their work and computer habits and given the information about computer lenses.

All the major lens manufacturers provide computer lenses. Here are just some of them:  We really like the Shamir and Kodak Lenses at The Eye Bar!

AO/Sola Access Computer

Essilor Interview

Nikon Online

PRIO Computer Lenses

Shamir Office and Autograph II-Office

Signet-Armorlite Kodak Unique