We are super excited to announce the following trunk shows! Come see the entire collections of our favorite eyewear designers and meet some great people. Dr Rick will be here to do eye exams all day.  We will have plenty of adult beverages for all!  See below for details.

Cardinal Glennon Card from 10/28 - 11/6

Super sad that Steve Jobs passed away today.  Its hard to put into words how someone you never met, could make you miss them just knowing they are gone.  Its a reminder to us all to live life without regrets and know that our health should be cherished along with all the time we do have with our loved ones.  All life is precious and it is terrible when anyone dies.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I can barely understand how this frame looks so good on so many different people! All colors and sizes. It just captures a look without being overbearing or too simple. Oliver Peoples really nailed the design with the Daddy B. its just great and perfect for fall and winter.

Take a look at who it looks good on! (Kanye West, Jay Z, Andrew Wintelli, and more!)

Some extraordinary technology is coming to The Eye Bar in a few months! If you have had troubles adapting to progressive or bifocal lenses in the past or want to try the cutting edge of progressive lenses, then you have to take a look at eMpower lenses from Pixel Optics.

eMpower! is the world's first electronic focusing eyewear.   It puts control of the visual experience back in your hands.  eMPower! lets you have the lens power you want, when you want it. At the touch of a finger, you can turn the full reading power on and off as you need it.

If you wear eyeglasses, seeing clearly is important. Since eyeglasses -- especially prescription eyeglasses -- can be expensive, it's critical to maintain their upkeep and clean them correctly. For example, using a dry tissue to clean lenses can leave small scratches on the glass from the harsh woven fibers in the tissue or from abrasive sediment already settled on the lenses. Never ever use glass cleaner or other harsh abrasives! However, there are other tricks you can use to successfully clean dirty eyeglasses.

Nice video showing secrets of Chanel Eyewear and some of the manufacturing process.  Lots of attention to detail.  The new glitter Chanel Sunglasses are stunning!

chanel sunglasses st louis