Here is some interesting history about Oliver Peoples. Who they are, where they came from and where they are headed.  Oliver Peoples has been and continues to be an iconic brand at The Eye Bar. We have been extremely pleased to have the Oliver Peoples Vintage collection since it came out last year. The O'Malley, 505, 1955 are iconic eyewear and only available at The Eye Bar in MO.

Oliver Peoples Mission:

To be the most prestigious & culturally distinctive eyewear brand in the world

Kame ManNen is one those amazing lines of eyewear that just seem to last the trends and times. They have been making eyewear since 1917 and are a favorite at The Eye Bar. Classic eyeglasses that stand the test of time made from the finest nickel free titanium in Japan. Its almost sad when a pair finds its owner, they are so well made, the only reason to come back is if the prescription changes! The concept is to make eyewear that could last 1000 years! I am not sure if they would last that long being worn everyday, however, they could easily outlast the buyer.

Kame ManNen Eyewear in St Louis

Whats old is new again! Oliver Peoples Eyewear just re-released the MP-2 frames for the Vintage collection. The Eye Bar has it exclusively in Missouri! It comes in 2 sizes 46 and 48 as either an optical or sunglass. A polarized clip is also available.

St Louis artist Nelly wearing Sama Eyewear Max in graphite.  Stacey introduced Nelly to Sama Eyewear when we partnered with Torry Holts foundation for their charity bowling night many years ago.  Sama Eyewear at The Eye Bar in St Louis! 

nellys sunglasses sama sama eyewear st. louis sama eyewear st. louis

Just got in some beautiful new frames from Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith Spectacles and SALT Optics.We absolutely love all these companies and the great eyewear they make by hand!  Joe from SALT Optics was just here and we had a great time with him. He is such a genuine person and really passionate about making quality eyewear. Thank you Joe for all your support and being such a great partner!

New Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith Spectacles & SALT Optics

Take a look at the latest from Face a Face. What a fantastic color for eyeglasses! These shapes are great and the color is just stunning. 

Face a Face Tartan Frames