Kame ManNen Eyewear in St Louis

  • Time: Tuesday, 07 February 2012 22:15

Kame ManNen is one those amazing lines of eyewear that just seem to last the trends and times. They have been making eyewear since 1917 and are a favorite at The Eye Bar. Classic eyeglasses that stand the test of time made from the finest nickel free titanium in Japan. Its almost sad when a pair finds its owner, they are so well made, the only reason to come back is if the prescription changes! The concept is to make eyewear that could last 1000 years! I am not sure if they would last that long being worn everyday, however, they could easily outlast the buyer.

Kame ManNen Eyewear in St Louis

Kame ManNen Eyeglasses loved since 1917

  • Time: Thursday, 27 January 2011 00:00

Kame ManNen Eyeglasses are an Eye Bar favorite! Heres a little background on this amazing Japanese eyewear designer.

Kame ManNen was first made in the 1917 at a time when product durability was highly regarded. The founders of Kame ManNen had a vision in mind; ” To create distinctly beautiful optical frames using the finest materials and built to last.


With passion and craftsmanship, Kame ManNen was born, given it’s name from an old Japanese proverb; “turtles live for a thousand years”. This proverb symbolises the collections’ timeless design and the meaning behind the turtle logo found on the temple tips.