Kame ManNen Eyeglasses loved since 1917

Kame ManNen Eyeglasses are an Eye Bar favorite! Heres a little background on this amazing Japanese eyewear designer.

Kame ManNen was first made in the 1917 at a time when product durability was highly regarded. The founders of Kame ManNen had a vision in mind; ” To create distinctly beautiful optical frames using the finest materials and built to last.


With passion and craftsmanship, Kame ManNen was born, given it’s name from an old Japanese proverb; “turtles live for a thousand years”. This proverb symbolises the collections’ timeless design and the meaning behind the turtle logo found on the temple tips.




Although manufacturing methods have changed over the years, since 1917 Kame ManNen’s passion for craftsmanship still remains, evident in every piece.
The attention to detail found in every frame is nothing short of exquisite.

For years Kame ManNen has been at the cutting edge of new material technology. Skillful combinations of titanium frames and gold plating were first developed by Kame ManNen in Japan. Today, Kame ManNen prides itself on its’ achievements in merging industrial techniques with the fine artistry of frame design.


Whilst staying true to the design and colours of the original frames, it is without doubt that the Kame ManNen collection has succeeded in retaining the beauty and excellent fittings of which they are renowned for.


Official Website: www.kamemannen.com


Please take a look at the website to see all the latest styles!  We are loading them up on our eshop, however, in the mean time if you see something you like feel free to give us a call.  We promise your satisfaction.

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