Prescription Lens Care & Cleaning

How to clean your glasses? Please pay attention!

So I have been noticing several customers lately who seem to always scratch the prescription lenses they have. The lenses we use are the best available and always use either Crizal Alize, Crizal Avance or the equivalent from Zeiss, Kodak, or Hoya for Anti-reflective coatings. The digital progressives and single vision lenses all need to be cleaned in the same manner and have scratch resistant coatings (note - not scratch proof). Please use your cleaning kits and cleaning cloths. A little hand soap and water once in awhile wont hurt either!

Please wash your lens cleaning cloth every few months or even weeks! If you cleaning gets dirty, which they all will, you must wash them in the laundry (no fabric softener). Imagine cleaning your glasses with a t-shirt you never washed! You wind up rubbing grime and grit into the lenses! SO PLEASE WASH YOUR CLEANING CLOTHS! Or come by The Eye Bar and will happily give you new cloths!

Heres a video of what not to do!

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How not to Clean you Lenses!