Glass Lenses. Whats old is new again! Featured

Some of you may remember wearing glass prescription lenses years ago. In fact at one time you could only buy glass lenses. Nothing else was available! Several decades ago different forms of plastic lenses became available and with advances in technology such as Cr-39, Polycarbonate, and high index lenses like 1.60, 1.67, 1.70 and 1.74 are now the norm. In fact we have the opposite problem, prescription glass lenses are much harder to find. Some offices do not even use them! These new advances have allowed an amazing amount of excellent solutions for patients. Thinner, flatter, lighter and impact resistance allow for a huge array of solutions for frames and eyewear needs. The issue tho is these lenses in some ways are much better and in others not as good as glass. Glass Lens offer the absolute best optics of any material. Ray-Ban, Persol, and many premium sunglass companies still use glass lenses because it offers the clearest vision possible with amazing scratch resistance. The downside is they are a bit heavier and can break or crack if dropped.
With the advances of free form processing (digital lenses) a new era of premium glass prescription lenses is upon us. Now, we can order premium custom made lenses in single vision, progressives and even bifocals. The optics are fantastic and the glass should hold of exceptionally well. The benefits of glass lenses is the best clarity, the best scratch resistance and anti-relective holds up better then any other material. Yes its expensive, since it takes an expert to make the lenses and edge them into a frame however the lenses will perform long term better then anything else available. They may not be for everyone, however, matched with the perfect frame, then you have a combo that you may just love! Come in anytime and we can go over your options and whats best for you! Whether glass prescription lenses are
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