Online companies lie. Buy at your own risk....

You cant trust everything a web company that sells glasses online says.

So I look at many things online when it comes to eyewear and prescription lenses. It really upsets me when companies make false claims as if they are actually opticians. 4 guys went to business school together and started a successful company online selling glasses made in china. One of the claims they make is that polycarbonate lenses are the most impact resistant lenses on the market. See the claim in the screen shot below.


Warby Parker doesnt know lenses

As it states, made from polycarbonate, the most impact resistant material on the planet. This is not true. Trivex or Trilogy lenses are the most impact resistant lenses available.

While polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant they are not as good as Trivex. Trivex far surpasses polycarbonate in all respects. It has better visual clarity, better durability, and is more impact resistant.

Its not a dig against polycarbonate lenses. We still use them all the time. They are a less expensive option than Trivex. The video below shows that Trivex lenses are the ultimate in impact-resistant material.

So as usual research anything you read online. They might just be trying to sell you cheap glasses made in China.

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