Get Fashionable with Lunor Eyewear

lunor sunglassesAre you a lover of all things high-end, elegant, and classy? You should forget your old glasses and opt for something timeless and incredibly fashionable. At The Eye Bar, we have great sets of glasses designed by renowned eyewear company, Lunor. Lunor Eyewear is hand crafted in Germany and made out of luxurious gold, titanium, and premium grade stainless steel.

If you’re looking for something simple and sweet, Lunor’s perfectly designed metal frames will work in your favor. These frames are specifically made in Germany and have a unique shaped bridge called the “W-Bridge”. This shape looks wonderful with any face shape and is surprisingly very comfortable. If you want a touch of vintage splashed with contemporary, the acetate frames will suit your personality nicely.

With thick rims made out of quality solid acetate, you’ll look business appropriate and fas hionable with the color selection of your choice. The exclusive Lunova eyewear all have the unique W-Bridge and simply crafted frames for those that don’t like the weight or look of large rimmed glasses. If you can’t wait to your hands on Lunor’s upscale simplistic designs and the high grade quality they provide, we’d love to help you select the best frames.

We offer eye exams and will get you set up with the best prescription for your eyesight. With a wide variety of lenses including no-glare and digital surfaced, we take eye care seriously. Contact us today and we’ll set you up with an appointment.

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