Looking for the Best Eye Doctors in St. Louis?

If you're looking for the best eye care that St. Louis has to offer, look no further than the qualified, affordable eye doctors at The Eye Bar in St. Louis!


Our eye care specialists; Dr, Rick G'sell, Dr. Carrie Hruza and Dr. Sonya Salas are unbeatable in professionalism and patient care. For your convenience, The Eye Bar also offers simple online scheduling and accepts a wide variety of vision coverage plans (contact our office to see if yours is accepted).

At The Eye Bar a standard eye exam includes full medical health screening, refraction and an eyewear prescription. If you need a contact lens exam we will include our comprehensive eye test, health screening, refraction, eyeglass prescription, contact lens prescription and trial lens fitting.

Another perk for patients at our office is our system of storing patient records and prescriptions. Our health records are stored in a system accessible via the office iPads – no paper forms you need to fill out! As a bonus your information is accessible to you from anywhere in the world (don’t worry it’s encrypted, safe and protected by all the standard safety guidelines). If you ever need to see your current eyeglass or lens prescription it’s available at the click of a button – all without needing to contact our office or wait for a reply to your email!

Contact us to see our complete inventory of trendy, independently designed glasses and sunglasses or to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified eye doctors. We look forward to having you as a patient!

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