New Mykita Mylon Eyewear & Sunglasses

Mykita Mylon comes to The Eye Bar

Mykita Mylon Eyewear and Mykita Mylon Sunglasses are on the way to The Eye Bar direct from design house Mykita in Berlin, Germany.

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Mykita Mylon is the ultimate in luxury athletic eyewear. It is made using a selective laser sintering process and polyamide material. Mykita Mylon is 10x stronger than traditional acetate, flexible, 1/3rd of the weight, and does not dry out. The Mykita Mylon has the unique hinge system that does not use screws.

Mykita Mylon sunglasses feature Zeiss polarized lenses or Zeiss mirrored lenses.

Mykita Mylon. luxury athletic eyewear. Buy Mykita Mylon online in our eShop or in person at the store. They start at $525. 

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