St. Louis Optician Discusses Myopia and Various Treatment Options

Have your children started complaining about not being able to see the whiteboard at school? Perhaps they’ve started inching closer and closer to your family’s flatscreen or holding their iPads close to their faces. Either way, all three signs suggest that they may be dealing with myopia.


Increasingly common among young children, the condition can often be traced back to a person’s genetics. The gene involved is believed to be LRPAP1. However, genetics are not the sole cause. The condition may also manifest itself later in life. Late onset myopia is often credited to diabetes and visual stress because they may exasperate a person’s existing refractive errors. The refractive error is typically caused by imperfections in either the cornea or the eyeball.

A St. Louis optician can conduct an eye exam to determine if myopia is the reason why your children are displaying the behaviors we mentioned previously. Once the myopia diagnosis is made, there are several viable treatment options that our St. Louis optician may suggest. Those treatment options include the use of prescription eyewear, corrective contact lenses (orthokeratology), stress reducing exercises and surgery.

If our St. Louis opticians suggest prescription eyewear or orthokeratology, The Eye Bar team can provide additional assistance. That’s because we also offer access to an array of eyeglass frames and contact lenses. In addition, our St. Louis opticians can provide trial lens fitting. Trial lenses are an excellent way to determine if your child is capable of handling the responsibility of using corrective contact lenses.

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To learn more about myopia and the latest treatment options available for people of all ages, please contact us at (314) 367-1848. The Eye Bar team is also available for comment on Facebook. Either way, rest assured that our St. Louis opticians stand ready to fully answer all of your vision related questions.

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