Don't Risk Losing your Vision! Change your Contacts!!

For the Love of your eyes, Please change your contacts! We just read an article about a college student who lost your vision because she did not change her lenses for 6 months. A parasite got under her contacts and ate her corneas away. Yes a single cell Amoeba called Acanthamoeba caused her to go blind! All she had to do was simply clean or disinfect her contacts and the microscopic critter would have been gone! So sad. Contacts are only a few dollars each. A cup of coffee. Its a terrible tragedy, however it would have never happened if she took proper care of her contacts.
Think about it. A contact is a foreign body in your eye. They are designed to work for a day, a couple weeks or even a month. However they are supposed to be cleaned and put back in. The contact gets a build up of protein and other "gunk". Don't let this happen to you! Change your contacts as prescribed. Clean them at night. Even if you can sleep in them, give your eyes a break. Click below to read the story online. To order new contacts 24/7 click the Contacts Link above. We are the same price as WalMart or less and they get delivered to your door.
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