Cheap and Ugly Eyewear is Sad....

I find it sad these days to see men and women put so much thought and effort into their shoes, outfits, handbags, etc. and be in ugly, cheap, poorly fitting glasses. It really kills me. You have $600 shoes, a $3000 handbag and look fantastic. Except your wearing cheap glasses made in china. (I'm looking at you Oprah and Gayle!) Its like buying what looks like a brand new BMW and opening the hood and seeing a 40 year old golf cart engine. Maybe you got a deal but did you? Nope. I got to hand it to some of these companies tho, they are marketing machines. They have lots of people fooled that they are actually selling a great product. Its really impressive. You do indeed get what you pay for.
Our eyewear is all handcrafted of the world best materials. Cotton based acetate, Japanese pure titanium, stainless spring steel. Its designed by actual eyewear designers and handcrafted by artisans with real salaries from Japan, France, Germany and other parts of Europe. It fits great, looks great and will last for years to come. Small exquisite d etails, perfect craftsmanship and people will bump into things staring at how great you look. Check out the video below to see an example of how our eyewear is made!
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