EnChroma gives more color to the Colorblind! Featured

The Eye Bar can now help those men and women who are colorblind! Hi my name is Jared. I am colorblind. My whole life I have not seen color the way you do. The average person sees about 1,000,000 colors. The average color blind person sees somewhere around 100,000 colors. 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are color blind (or color deficient). I have been ecstatic for sometime hoping that these glasses work from Enchroma. We got them today and let me tell you its amazing. I can see purple and pink like I have never seen before. The color literally explodes to me now, where before it was dull. I mean I could sort of tell it was pink or purple. However, now wearing the glasses, Wow thats purple and its freaking beautiful.
Its such a hard thing to describe to people. Im still color blind (well really color deficient) but what new colors I can see is worth every penny. In fact my color blindness when i took the test said it was inconclusive if it would even help. It does. I can hardly wait for my friends who are also color challenged to try these out. We have the fit overs to try at The Eye Bar. Take a look at http://enchroma.com for more info We can put your RX into any of our awesome frames. Stop by The Eye Bar anytime we are open to test the out. We have some amazing flowers right outside to test them! We will try to video them when they do. Heres a video... Its very hard to describe what you see, however, its amazing.
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