t2 eyewear going out of business??

We were told that t2 Eyewear is closing up shop! We were told later by our Swissflex rep that we can service t2 frames if they need warranty or breakage repairs. So if you have bought t2 elsewhere over the years, rest assured we can service your eyewear.  Swissflex, which is made the same way as t2 (a guy left Swissflex to start t2) is a brand we have worn for years and love. They are fantastic frames that last years, require minimum care, great for active people and are some of the lightest frames in the world.


Take a look at 2.5, Swissflex and Kawasaki brands of eyewear.  If you like or have considered Lindberg you will love Kawasaki. You can also see the whole collection online at http://www.italee.com. They can be customized in countless colors, shapes and sizes. They last what seems like forever.  I had mine for 7 years until they somehow came to be under my tire in the driveway. It was a sad day, well, until I ordered new ones :).

Swissflex Eyewear, the original t2