St. Louis Opticians Talk Briefly About Age Related Vision Problems

Eye Health and Aging: What You Need to Know

September is traditionally deemed “Healthy Aging Month.” As such, we thought it would be a perfect time to talk briefly about age related vision problems and how our St. Louis opticians may help. Here’s more:

According to CDC data, a large number of elderly Americans have vision problems and wear prescription eyewear. Some of the common problems are macular degeneration, presbyopia, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Macular degeneration tends to take two forms. Those forms are known as exudative and nonexudative.

Between the two, the more prevalent one is the latter. Along with the other problems mentioned, it is typically considered to be progressive in nature. In other words, they develop over time and at different rates. The rate of development will obviously depend on several factors, including the person’s list of comorbidities.

The good news is that all five, if caught early enough, may be addressed by various means. Of course that’s where the services of our St. Louis opticians will prove to be invaluable. Our talented team of opticians can perform comprehensive eye exams at our St. Louis location and make prescription eyewear recommendations as needed.

Prescription eyewear that may be on our St. Louis optician’s list of recommendations are progressive, digitally surfaced lenses. They come with a 2-year scratch warranty and work with a variety of frames. Speaking of which, we have a vast assortment of luxury frames that adults of all ages may appreciate. Brands on offer include, but are not limited to Mykita, Lunor, Seraphin, Oliver Peoples and Persol.

In addition, we should also mention that our St. Louis optician’s valuable services may be covered by one of the many insurance providers that work with The Eye Bar’s staff.

To set-up an eye exam in St. Louis and learn more about age related vision problems, contact us online or by phone. Our phone number is (314) 367-1848.

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