Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Offer The Vintage Look You Are Looking For

Taking off in the late 1980's, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses have remained the pinnacle of vintage style for over two full decades now. The origin of this iconic brand is particularly interesting given the fact that it had to blaze such a path of departure from the overwhelming glut of modernization that consumed the market at the time. It was a period of futuristic lines and bold geometric shapes everywhere. It was then that Larry and Dennis Leight stepped in and realigned the industry with a retro look and a vintage collection of sunglasses that can still be seen in many of the finer, high-end optical retailers today.

Listed throughout Vogue's list of The 100 Best Sunglasses, the Oliver Peoples line still embodies Larry Leight's vision:

"A great pair of sunglasses is a pair that makes you feel good. You should be comfortable in them and love the way they fit and feel on your face."

Consider this small sampling of options to choose from:

  • The Oliver Peoples Copter (Men's) - Masculine appearance with lightweight substance. Put the top down of your convertible when displaying these beauties on a Sunday afternoon drive.
  • The Oliver Peoples Alyssia (Women's) - Highly feminine and highly fashionable, yet also perfect for everyday wear. You literally can't go wrong with this selection.
  • The Oliver Peoples M-4 Sun (Unisex) - A re-release of perhaps the most symbolic choice from the entire line of the Leight's collection. This item epitomizes the very vintage look and retro feel that the line stands for. If you're looking for a classic choice to most closely represent the brand, this may be it.

Countless more options exist. The only thing left to do in order to achieve that vintage look is to either visit your local fine optical retailer or go online and view an Oliver Peoples Sunglasses collection for yourself where available.

"The Eye Bar" is an eyewear and sunglasses boutique in the Central West End of St. Louis, MO. We have an extensive line of Oliver Peoples Sunglasses among many other fine choices. Our EShop is also perfect for online ordering if you can't come to our boutique in person. We encourage you to contact us today!

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