The Eye Bar’s Eye Doctors in St. Louis Talk about Night Blindness

While driving at night, do you have a hard time seeing the road clearly? If so, you might find the National Highway Traffic Safety Association’s previous research on accidents interesting. It indicated that a large percentage of traffic accidents, for a variety of reasons, occur during periods of low light. With that and the upcoming seasonal changes in mind, our eye doctors in St. Louis decided to spend time this week discussing night blindness:


Night blindness (nyctabopia) obviously refers to a person’s difficulties seeing objects clearly during periods of low light. Those visual difficulties run the gamut. For example, some people may experience momentary blindness after starring into the headlights of oncoming cars. Other people may have a hard time judging distances or clearly identifying hazards that may be on the road before them.

All of those problems and more may be caused by a variety of factors. The list of which includes birth defects, vitamin deficiencies, medication use and certain health problems. Those health problems include, but aren’t confined to glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, nearsightedness and cataracts. Depending on the individual’s unique circumstances, it is a condition may or may not be treatable. The only way that a person can know that for sure is to contact our eye doctors in St. Louis.

Once contacted, our eye doctors in St. Louis can conduct a thorough examination to determine the problem’s cause and discuss which treatment options, if any exist. Treatments that may be recommended are dietary changes, eye surgery, medication changes and the use of prescription eyewear. The prescription eyewear is available through our St. Louis optical store. Lens' features that may be suggested by our St. Louis eye doctors in such instances are anti-glare coatings and gradient tints.

Missouri residents that are diagnosed with night blindness may also appreciate knowing that many of their related expenses may be tax deductible or covered by their insurance plans. Those expenses include, but are not limited to any necessary exams, surgeries and prescription eyewear.

To discuss night blindness further and set up an eye exam with our St. Louis eye doctors, contact us online, in person or by phone. Our St. Louis eye doctors’ phone number is (314) 367-1848.

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