Eyewear Store in St. Louis Features Stunning Beausoleil Frames

In the ever fluid realm of fashion, there are many extremes. This includes the world of designer, luxury eyewear. Some frame manufacturers opt to go for the obscure and borderline ridiculous. Others, like French artisan Frederic Beausoleil, go for designs that instinctively appeal to one’s soul. Beausoleil, having practiced his craft since the late 1980s, is also truly a man of standards and sensibilities. One look at his luxury eyewear and even the casual observer would have to agree with that statement.


Over the years, it has been said that he pulls the inspiration needed to create his incredible designer eyewear from art and nature. Perhaps that is why it is not uncommon to find durable, stylish, natural materials incorporated into his luxury, designer frames. Materials that have been used by Beausoleil in the past include exotic woods, tortoiseshell and buffalo horn.

It is also not uncommon for Frederic Beausoleil’s finest creations, natural or otherwise, to be found gracing the faces of celebrities worldwide. Ones that have been previously spotted wearing them are Kyra Sedgwick, Charlotte Rampling, Zachary Levi, Robert Redford, Andy Garcia and Arliss Howard.

Not sure which pair of incredible Frederic Beausoleil frames to claim as one’s own? The MTR5 Bro luxury eyeware frames are one example of where his best traits come shining through. They feature a beautiful beveled edge, Titan coated lenses, full rim, strong hinges and adjustable nose pads. It’s one of the many distinguished Beausoleil frames that one may find at our eyewear store in St. Louis.

Other models that you’ll be able to try on at our eyewear store in St. Louis are the M341 BLA, CO1 300, MTL2 CHA, MTL2 ARV and the B04 04. To learn more about these Beausoleil designer frames and the other items available at our eyewear store in St. Louis, contact us. We are located on North Euclid.

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