St. Louis Opticians Discuss Diabetes Related Vision Loss

There are many reasons why people lose their vision. One of them is diabetes. With more than 20 million Americans currently struggling with the disease, our St. Louis opticians wanted to spend some time this week discussing the topic.

Vision loss related to diabetes is referred to as diabetic retinopathy. It impacts nearly 50% of all people dealing with a diabetes diagnosis and is caused by circulatory problems that occur in the eye area. The disease has four stages. The end stage, proliferative retinopathy, is typically when total blindness occurs.


Our St. Louis opticians are aware of various diabetic retinopathy studies that have been conducted over the years. Many of those studies indicate that diabetics can do two things that may help reduce their risk of contracting the disease as well as slow down its progression. Those two things are diligently engaging in pro-active diabetes care with the aid of their primary care physicians and scheduling frequent eye exams with our St. Louis opticians. The eye exams should include dilation.

We should also note that the frequency of the St. Louis eye exams will vary based on the person’s medical history and the staging of the disease. For example, those who are initially diagnosed with diabetes should immediately contact our St. Louis opticians and schedule an in-depth eye exam to determine their eye health.

Afterward, our St. Louis opticians may recommend an annual or bi-annual eye exam schedule based on the first exam’s results. The frequency of the St. Louis eye exams may also be increased over the years if and when the person’s condition changes. Examples of changes that may warrant extra eye exams in St. Louis include pregnancy and extended periods of improper diabetes care. Treatments that our St. Louis opticians may recommend during the person’s visit include the use of corrective eyewear, vitrectomy, medication injections and laser surgery.

To speak with one of our St. Louis opticians about these treatments and other issues related to eye health, contact us. Our phone number is (314) 367-1848. We may also be reached through The Eye Bar website and The Eye Bar's Facebook page.

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