Lester Holt Wears Lunor Eyewear Lester Holt Wears Lunor Eyewear

Lester Holt wears Lunor and Robert Marc Featured

We have lots of people come in wondering what glasses Lester Holt is wearing. Just the other day, we had one happy client picking up his "Lester Holt glasses" and the same time a new client asking "Do you know what glasses I see Lester Holt in?" Lester Holt wears both Lunor Eyewear and Robert Marc eyewear! We are not sure exactly which Lunor, Lester Holt wears. Its either the 215 or 226. They are the virtually the same shape, just slightly different sizes. We can compare your old glasses and come up with the best Lunor for you! We have Lunor Eyewear ($495) and Robert Marc Eyewear ($425) exclusively in the St Louis area at both of our locations. We can show you these exact frames or something similar from Garrett Leight ($285) or Salt Optics ($340).
These are all independent companies manufactured by hand with exquisite detailing and craftsmanship. We love to support them and the values they represent. Many companies today either manufacture poorly made glasses in China and sell them direct on the internet or "Italian" made glasses with a high end label on them that are overpriced for the quality. Stop by anytime for a styling session, enjoy a beverage and see the difference for yourself. Buy the Lunor 226 Online below! https://shop.theeyebar.com/lunor-a5-226.html
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