Celebrity Eyewear

We have lots of people come in wondering what glasses Lester Holt is wearing. Just the other day, we had one happy client picking up his "Lester Holt glasses" and the same time a new client asking "Do you know what glasses I see Lester Holt in?" Lester Holt wears both Lunor Eyewear and Robert Marc eyewear! We are not sure exactly which Lunor, Lester Holt wears. Its either the 215 or 226. They are the virtually the same shape, just slightly different sizes. We can compare your old glasses and come up with the best Lunor for you! We have Lunor Eyewear ($495) and Robert Marc Eyewear ($425) exclusively in the St Louis area at both of our locations. We can show you these exact frames or something similar from Garrett Leight ($285) or Salt Optics ($340).

Attitudes about eye glasses have change dramatically over the last couple of years. Vintage style and "geek chic" have changed the way people think about glasses. For many people, fashionable eyewear has become a must-have accessory, even if they are not needed.

Celebrity Sunglasses St. Louis

We all know that purchasing and wearing celebrity coveted sunglasses in St. Louis serves two functions. The first one is to protect our eyes and surrounding skin from the sun’s ultra damaging UVA/UVB rays. The second reason why we wear them is to look fabulous, just like our favorite celebrities. Keeping those two things in mind, here are a few of our tips for choosing premium, designer sunglasses:

Steve Jobs was perhaps the most famous wearer of Lunor frames. Yet celebrities like Madonna, Elton John and Ringo Starr also favor this brand. What sets apart these frames from those manufactured by the competition? More importantly, why should you consider an investment in one of these stunning frames that not only look good but also fit perfectly?

There's no denying it. Brad Pitt looks awesome in Mykita frames. He's got the perfect look to rock those tinted aviators like no other.