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Do your Eyes feel tired, and exhausted at the end of the day of Zoom Meetings, Facetime, and all the increased screen time we are all getting? Well good news! With the right lenses your eyes may feel less wiped out. I have been wearing blue light lenses for the last 2 years and let me tell you they really help! Its a subtle change at first and it seems like voodoo. However, after having them I don"t think I will ever have a pair without them! Our buddies at Hoya had this to say:
Do you have consistent headaches, eyestrain, neck pain, dry eye, or tired eyes from computer use? Neurolens may be the answer!

You could be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome!

Eye Alignment at all distances is essential for comfortable vision. A lack of alignment between your eyes can cause unwanted stress on your visual system and many times results in symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in how we use our vision requiring us to see up close frequently.

We have a new testing device called SightSync. If it detects an imbalance in your vision, our eye doctor is the only one in St Louis who can prescribe a new Opti-Medical lens that includes your own custom compensation curve as measured by SightSync.

If you experience any symptoms of headaches, stiffness or pain in neck, discomfort in computer use, tired eyes, dry eye sensation, light sensitivity, or dizziness, then you may be an ideal candidate for Neurolenses.

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Glass Lenses. Whats old is new again!

Some of you may remember wearing glass prescription lenses years ago. In fact at one time you could only buy glass lenses. Nothing else was available! Several decades ago different forms of plastic lenses became available and with advances in technology such as Cr-39, Polycarbonate, and high index lenses like 1.60, 1.67, 1.70 and 1.74 are now the norm. In fact we have the opposite problem, prescription glass lenses are much harder to find. Some offices do not even use them! These new advances have allowed an amazing amount of excellent solutions for patients. Thinner, flatter, lighter and impact resistance allow for a huge array of solutions for frames and eyewear needs. The issue tho is these lenses in some ways are much better and in others not as good as glass. Glass Lens offer the absolute best optics of any material. Ray-Ban, Persol, and many premium sunglass companies still use glass lenses because it offers the clearest vision possible with amazing scratch resistance. The downside is they are a bit heavier and can break or crack if dropped.

Same Day Single Vision Service!

We can offer same day service for most single vision lens prescriptions! At our CWE location we have an in-house optical lab and stock 1000's of lenses with premium anti-reflective coatings like Kodak Clean & Clear, Crizal Avance and Hoya EX3. Our opticians can have your lenses done in an hour or 2! So no 2 week wait for most single vision prescriptions!

High Power Prescriptions, Progressive lenses, bifocals and specialized lenses will need to order surfaced from our different labs. We utilize Essilor lenses like the Varilux X and EyeZen+, Hoya digital lenses, Shamir Digital lenses, and Zeiss Digital lenses. Our expert opticians will help pick out the best design for your individual prescription. The final finishing part, edging the lenses into our unique eyeglass frames and assembled is usually done by us for the finest fit and finish.

Check out this video from Hoya to see how your personalized digital lenses are produced!