Do you have consistent headaches, eyestrain or tired eyes? Featured

Do you have consistent headaches, eyestrain, neck pain, dry eye, or tired eyes from computer use? Neurolens may be the answer!

You could be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome!

Eye Alignment at all distances is essential for comfortable vision. A lack of alignment between your eyes can cause unwanted stress on your visual system and many times results in symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in how we use our vision requiring us to see up close frequently.

We have a new testing device called SightSync. If it detects an imbalance in your vision, our eye doctor is the only one in St Louis who can prescribe a new Opti-Medical lens that includes your own custom compensation curve as measured by SightSync.

If you experience any symptoms of headaches, stiffness or pain in neck, discomfort in computer use, tired eyes, dry eye sensation, light sensitivity, or dizziness, then you may be an ideal candidate for Neurolenses.

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Common Symptoms

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