Lets set the record straight

Let's set the Record Straight.

1. We dont talk bad about any other optical. Notice the period. Now if someone who has been in your store complains to us how they were treated, ripped off, lied to,etc. We will merely listen and tell them we are sorry they experienced that.

2. Our main concern is putting great looking frames and perfect prescriptions on our customers.

3. Stacey is an amazing licensed optician. She can figure out and solve nearly any problem or issue with your frames and prescription.

4. No one owns a customer.  People are free moral agents who can spend their money wherever they please.

5. We alway do as much as is humanly possible to make everyone happy. While this is impossible to get to 100% we certainly will always do our best.

6. Next time you have a complaint, from one business owner to another, please call me at 314-367-1848 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

7. Technology is amazing when you understand how to use it.

8. The Eye Bar is family owned with no outside investors or benefactors.

9. Please read point number one again.