Testimonial from Customer!

Amazing Testimonial from a customer.  We loved working with her and look to a great relationship for years to come! There are many options from where to purchase your eyewear. Every place wants to say they are the best! All we can tell you from The Eye Bar is that we strive every day to have the finest eyewear we can find from across the globe at different price points. In addition, we put you in the best lenses available for your budget and show you the options your prescription calls for. No pressure, no bait and switch, and we don't put other companies down. We believe you will truly find something you love at our store and enjoy the experience we have to offer. Stacey, Jared, Jango (our 10 lb. pup) and the other girls who work here invite you to our store to see for yourself.

See this great testimonial below:


This is a long overdue note to thank you and Jared for the amazing work you did to make my glasses.  With such a strong correction needed for distance, and another for reading, my glasses have always been thick and uncomfortable.  Somehow, you were able to make them look like regular glasses that are so fashionable, I sometimes now actually opt to wear my glasses during the day--something I would NEVER have done in the past.  Add to that the fact that you were able to get them to me in one day, and all I can say is that I am one happy customer!

Hope you have a happy holiday, and thanks again!


F. Katz