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We often get asked why are frames so expensive?  Well not all eyeglass frames are, however, nearly all the frames we have at The Eye Bar are hand made in either Japan, Italy or France.  Heres a little video of polishing the acetate by hand from a Japanese craftsman.

I work at my computer several hours a day and although I have several pairs of progressive lenses to choose from and usually sit down at my desk wearing a progressive pair, I always switch to my computer lenses. I have learned to keep them sitting there right next to my computer as I like them so much, I am bothered if I don’t have them. It is not that I can’t see well with my progressives at the computer but I find wearing the computer lenses more comfortable. I have at least 3 pairs of computer lenses to choose from but I particularly like Kodak Unique Monitor View and the very rigid, no nose pad frame the lenses are in. I think it is the combination of both that I like, because the frame fits so well and never needs adjusting. Good Opticians will tell you the frame is something else to take into account when recommending computer lenses to customers as this pair of glasses should truly be a work horse. They can be attractive of course, but don’t let form override function for these. Computer lenses are designed specifically for the near and intermediate vision environment. Less progressive power is needed which allows for the zones in the lens to be wider and less pronounced. I can look out across the room and move around the office without having to take them off yet can do close work at my desk and see perfectly.

I believe that the majority of progressive wearers who do office work, computer work and any work that involves a lot of time of screen time should have computer lenses, they are such an asset and make for a more productive and comfortable work environment. They really shouldn’t be an optional second pair of eyeglasses but should be treated as a must have. I believe consumers are being done a disservice if they are not interviewed about their work and computer habits and given the information about computer lenses.

All the major lens manufacturers provide computer lenses. Here are just some of them:  We really like the Shamir and Kodak Lenses at The Eye Bar!

AO/Sola Access Computer

Essilor Interview

Nikon Online

PRIO Computer Lenses

Shamir Office and Autograph II-Office

Signet-Armorlite Kodak Unique

We recommend "anti-reflection lenses" because the decreased reflection makes them look better, and they produce less glare, which is particularly noticeable when driving at night or working in front of a computer monitor. The decreased glare means that wearers often find their eyes are less tired, particularly at the end of the day. Allowing more light to pass through the lens also increases contrast and therefore increases visual acuity.

Antireflective ophthalmic lenses should not be confused with polarized lenses, which decrease (by absorption) the visible glare of sun reflected off of surfaces such as sand, water, and roads. The term "antireflective" relates to the reflection from the surface of the lens itself, not the origin of the light that reaches the lens.

Many anti-reflection lenses include an additional coating that repels water and grease, making them easier to keep clean. Anti-reflection coatings are particularly suited to high-index lenses, as these reflect more light without the coating than a lower-index lens. It is also generally easier and less expensive to coat high index glasses.

What anti-reflective coating do we recommend? Well, first, our AR coatings we use on all of our lenses is a premium AR. It is called either Crizal or Hi-Vision depending on which lens/lab we need to use for your prescription. One great thing about these luxury coatings we use at The Eye Bar is that they have a 2 year warranty included in your price.  So if at anytime during the 2 years, the coating is defective, we can remake your lenses at no charge to you.

What other choices do you have for anti-reflective coatings? Well, upgrades are available to the standard premium Crizal/Hi-Vision.  If you touch your glasses with your fingers on a consistent basis. You may opt to pay extra for the Crizal Alize coating.  It was launched early 2010 and appears to work well.  In fact, fingerprints don't even stick. They are a little easier to clean too.  If these things are important to you, please let us know. We will gladly show you the options available.  We typically feel this added cost isn't really worth it (unless of course you like to just reach up and touch your lenses all the time).  We would rather see you spend money on the best frames and the lightest lenses (maybe even digital) with the great AR coating we have included in your price. You are already buying a top of the line BMW/Mercedes with the coatings we provide at our regular price. If you have to have the paddle shifters and the ultra,mega expensive windshield wiper blades. Let us know and we will be happy to show you the options.

Please call us with any questions at 314-367-1848 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanx!



I just read this article about a nightmare experience regarding and buying frames online. What an amazing article! I have been researching companies that sell frames online to see what customers are looking at out there.   The article really pointed out that the company behind the website is just a guy in a house who doesn't have any relationship to the brands he sells on his website.

He merely finds them somewhere else, like Ebay, and sends them to his customer. No warranty and no service after the sale.  He's like a drop shipper middle man.  The craziest thing is he doesn't care at all about his customers since there will always be more and the negative reviews actually boost him on google search! I only see a small savings on the frames if any compared to an insurance or sales discount.  Insane! The good news is that nearly none of the brands they "sell" online do we sell at our store since nearly all of them are junk made in China!

So if your looking to save a few $ by buying your glasses online. Be extremely cautious and think seriously about what you are really saving. No warranty. Usually no returns. No service. You have no idea how "old" the frame is. Plastic frames dry out over time, become brittle and can be damaged easier. A small savings today can actually cost you a lot more later.

Heres a link to the article from the New York Times.  I promise that no one affiliated from The Eye Bar will ever call you at 3am! ;)

Why buy from The Eye Bar?

1. All of our frames have a one year warranty direct from the manufacture.  We have a current ongoing relationship with all the lines we carry.  Why is that so important? We never sell a frame we cant warrant or replace.  We never want to see someone spend $100-$1000 on lenses and not be able to fix a frame that something happened to (like your dog chewing up a temple).

2. Our lenses carry a 2 year warranty directly from our lab. We use the same labs that Stacey has had a relationship for 10 plus years.  This gives us great flexibility with warranty issues or problems that could possibly happen. You have 90 days to make sure the prescription from your Doctor is correct since we can remake the lenses one time at no charge.  We only offer the best lenses with the finest scratch coatings, UV protection and anti-reflective.