The Worlds First and Only Water Gradient Contact Lens

The new contacts from Ciba Dailies Total1 feature an increase from 33% to >80% water content from core to surface, approaching 100% at the outer surface.

Whats that mean?

While driving at night, do you have a hard time seeing the road clearly? If so, you might find the National Highway Traffic Safety Association’s previous research on accidents interesting. It indicated that a large percentage of traffic accidents, for a variety of reasons, occur during periods of low light. With that and the upcoming seasonal changes in mind, our eye doctors in St. Louis decided to spend time this week discussing night blindness:

Taking off in the late 1980's, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses have remained the pinnacle of vintage style for over two full decades now. The origin of this iconic brand is particularly interesting given the fact that it had to blaze such a path of departure from the overwhelming glut of modernization that consumed the market at the time. It was a period of futuristic lines and bold geometric shapes everywhere. It was then that Larry and Dennis Leight stepped in and realigned the industry with a retro look and a vintage collection of sunglasses that can still be seen in many of the finer, high-end optical retailers today.

Bevel Specs available at The Eye Bar

Bevel Specs & Bevel Sunglasses are now available at The Eye Bar and our online eShop. Bevel Specs reached out to us to give them an added presence in St Louis. Bevel Specs is a wonderful addition to our eyewear that we are just so excited to share with all eyewear aficionados. It is well made, simple, clean and handmade in Japan. They use the best titanium in the Titan line.  The finest Japanese acetate. Simple, elegant design.

Eye Health and Aging: What You Need to Know

September is traditionally deemed “Healthy Aging Month.” As such, we thought it would be a perfect time to talk briefly about age related vision problems and how our St. Louis opticians may help. Here’s more:

According to CDC data, a large number of elderly Americans have vision problems and wear prescription eyewear. Some of the common problems are macular degeneration, presbyopia, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Macular degeneration tends to take two forms. Those forms are known as exudative and nonexudative.

Children's Eye health

With the start of the school year quickly approaching, our St. Louis eye doctors would like to remind families to make their eye exam appointments now. After all, there are several benefits to scheduling a student’s eye exam in St. Louis. Here’s more:

To begin with, there are statues in place within our state that make eye exams mandatory for select students in St. Louis. Those laws fall under Section 167 and have been in place since the early 2000s. As it stands now, Kindergarteners, First and Third Graders are required to be tested. However, we would encourage Missouri’s families to schedule eye exams with our St. Louis eye doctors for all students, regardless of the state’s statues.