Eyewear St Louis: Hip is Where It's At

It's Saturday morning, it's gorgeous out, and you have just had the best cup of coffee in your life; it is time to hit the streets for a day out on the town. What better place to head than the Central West End, ST. Louis, full of charming sidewalk cafes, galleries, and antique shops. As you venture down N. Euclid, you stumble upon The Eye Bar,

an elegant and alluring St. Louis spectacle shop. Gazing into the window of the storefront, you realize St. Louis Chic; eyewear worn by celebrities such as Jason Statham and Lady Gaga adorn the luxurious corner shop.

The Eye Bar perfect spot to find hip eyewear, St. Louis style. In fact, beauty and luxury are not all we offer, a the customer also has the option of getting an eye exam by booking an appointment online or by phone. The convenience of The Eye Bar coupled with our broad range of stunning eyewear such as Mykita, Lunor, Oliver Peoples, and Iyoko Inyake, to name a few, makes us the ultimate choice for eyewear in St. Louis.

St. Louis is a trendsetting town and its eclectic style make for a great place to visit or live. As for style, St. Louis captures what is "in the now." In fact St. Louis Fashion Week is held late October, setting the stage for local as well as nationally acclaimed designers.

To delve into our town is to enchant the senses. There are many different spots to investigate such as the family home of Tennessee Williams where he has been said to have written The Glass Menagerie, or the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, which houses the worlds largest collection of mosaic art. One also ought not to forget the Central West End Art Fair and Taste Festival held in June.

There is no doubt St. Louis is where it's at. For hip trendsetters, fashionistas, and artists alike, our town has a lot to offer. When looking for great places, especially shops like The Eye Bar, be sure to check out the Central West End area of St. Louis where culture meets couture.

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