Keep an Eye on the Latest Trends in Celebrity Eyewear

Celebrities are famous for setting trends; clothing, reading material, cars and footwear are all helped along or hindered by celebrity endorsements which include everything from commercials to simply being photographed with their new favorite shoes or other accessories. That being the case, it should come as no surprise that celebrity preferences also impact our choice of glasses and sunglasses. As we gear up for summer here are the latest trends to be aware of in celebrity eyewear;

1) Bold colors: Bold rimmed glasses in purple, green, white, yellow, teal, orange and red have been spotted on everyone from Justin Beiber to Kate Upton. Bold colors provide a pop of vibrancy to a neutral outfit and are the perfect way to stand out this summer.

2) Small frames: In the past gigantic sunglasses were all the rage. In 2013 frames are shrinking down a little with more emphasis on unique designs and colors than sheer size. As always Aviator sunglasses and metal rimmed sunglasses are a hit; as are sunglasses rimmed with the bold colors mentioned above.

3) Tortoise shell frames: Remember the adorable, tortoise shell rimmed frames that Anne Hathaway wore on the red carpet? We do. They’ve also been seen on celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Gosling (to name a few). Invest in a pair of these adorable frames, the neutral colors and chic design ensure they go with everything!

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