Lunor Sunglasses: A Work of Fine Art Available in St. Louis

There are sunglass manufacturers and then there are artisans. Mr. Gernot Lindner of Lunor fame is clearly a member of the later. One look at the high quality materials, meticulous detail and craftsmanship that goes into each pair of Lunor sunglasses

and you’d be hard-pressed to reach any other conclusion. Each pair is truly a timeless, harmonious, handcrafted piece of art. The attention to quality doesn’t end with the frames and lenses either. Every pair of Lunor sunglasses is lovingly nestled inside of a stunning case.

the Lunor sunglasses Aviator II line for example. The impeccable, vintage frames are made with an enduring stainless steel andtitanium nose-pads. The Aviator 11/As also come outfitted with acetate temples. Finishes on offer include antique gold, gold, antique silver and platin. Each pair of tastefully appointed, Lunor sunglasses is then placed inside of a luxurious leather and supple lambskin clad case. The end result is pure sunglasses nirvana.

those that prefer to make a different statement, the Lunor sunglasses Classic Grip line may be more apropos. Handcrafted with pure titanium and stainless steel, they feature a stylish grip lens fixation. Finishes available with the Classic Grip line includes antique silver and antique gold. The Classic Grip line’s cases also share the same high quality appointments as those found within the Lunor sunglasses Aviator II line.

course you don’t have to just take our recommendations as sole proof of Lunor eyewear’s enduring appeal. Linder’s masterful artwork has been seen gracing the faces of some of the world’s most famous people. Among them are Oprah, Candace Bergen, Uma Thurman, David Letterman and Bill Gates.

Eye Bar in St. Louis proudly sells an assortment of Lunor eyewear. We also provide onsite eye and contact lens exams. For more information about our collection of fashionable frames and services, contact usat 1-314-367-1848.

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