Brad Pitt rocks his Mykita frames on the cover of In Touch

There's no denying it. Brad Pitt looks awesome in Mykita frames. He's got the perfect look to rock those tinted aviators like no other.

But why does Brad prefer Mykita? He knows that high-quality German manufacturing is at the pinnacle of the fashion world. He knows that Mykita glasses are a top choice for celebrities like him. But most importantly, he knows that Angelina approves of them too. That's why Brad wore his Mykita aviators on the issue of In Touch which announced Brangelina's engagement.

Brad and Angelina want their wedding to be perfect. After all Angelina has been through recently, Brad wants to look the best for her on their special day. This includes making sure his eyewear is top-notch. There's no denying it - the most fashionable clothing and accessories of the last several decades has come from Germany. The sleek, angular German style truly shows itself in Mykita frames. Brad Pitt definitely knows how to look good. You can too.

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Brad sure thinks so.

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