The Secrets Behind Lunor Frames’ Exquisite Craftsmanship

Steve Jobs was perhaps the most famous wearer of Lunor frames. Yet celebrities like Madonna, Elton John and Ringo Starr also favor this brand. What sets apart these frames from those manufactured by the competition? More importantly, why should you consider an investment in one of these stunning frames that not only look good but also fit perfectly?


German Craftsmanship

Gernot Lindner is the founder of Lunor. When he began his company in 1991, he recognized that the only way to achieve the highest level of eyewear quality was hands-on artistry. A student of the age-old art of German artistry, he designed a workshop that catered to the creation of the perfect eyewear line. As a result, each frame is made by hand and not mass-produced by machines. While this process is exceedingly time-consuming, it is also highly accurate and enables inimitable attention to detail.

Inspiration from Iconic Eyewear of the Past

Lindner owns a collection of the most amazing historic eyewear pieces. Dated between 1650 and 1950, these pieces highlight early developments in popular frame-manufacture and fantastic inventions that led to the creation of one-of-a-kind eyewear. If you have ever wondered where Lunor’s telescopic temple came from, look closely at Lindner’s pieces from 1840. Looking back at the collection, Lindner also recognized that only the use of superb materials would translate into the artisanship he sought to achieve. As a result, frame materials used habitually include stainless steel, gold or buffalo horn.

Harmony and Balance

Proportions of any Lunor frame are harmonious. The fit is perfectly balanced. When you wear this extraordinary eyewear, you will not suffer from the pinches and fatigue you might experience with mass-produced frames. Not only are the Lunor pieces works of art, they are also exceedingly comfortable.

The Eye Bar in St. Louis is proud to offer Lunor frames to our clients. In addition to carrying these chic and superbly made frames, we also provide onsite eye and contact lens exams. Please contact us for more information about our exquisite frames and eye health services.

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