Tips for Choosing the Best Designer Sunglasses in St. Louis

Celebrity Sunglasses St. Louis

We all know that purchasing and wearing celebrity coveted sunglasses in St. Louis serves two functions. The first one is to protect our eyes and surrounding skin from the sun’s ultra damaging UVA/UVB rays. The second reason why we wear them is to look fabulous, just like our favorite celebrities. Keeping those two things in mind, here are a few of our tips for choosing premium, designer sunglasses:


One of the first features to look for when choosing designer sunglasses in St. Louis is the amount of protection offered. This can vary greatly based on the sunglasses’ lenses and frames. We’d recommend opting, if possible, for a pair that has a UV absorption rating of 400nm. The frame, on the other hand, should allow as little light around your eyes as possible. However, it should also sit on the bridge of your nose and ears comfortably. For a few examples of celebrities wearing those types of designer sunglasses, visit our Facebook page.

When selecting a pair of sunglasses in St. Louis, it is also a good idea to take into account your eye health and lifestyle. That’s because there are certain sunglasses’ design features that may help in those areas. For example, those that own a vacation home on the beach may want to opt for lenses that have a uniform double gradient. A double gradient is tinted in a way that will help protect a beachgoer’s eyes from the light that’s reflected off of the sand as well as regular sunlight. Those with macular degeneration, on the other hand, may take comfort in wearing photochromic lenses with built-in low vision filters.

Would you like more tips on selecting designer sunglasses in St. Louis? Contact The Eye Bar’s opticians by calling 1-314-367-1848. Our St. Louis opticians can assist you with choosing a pair of sunglasses that matches your overall needs.

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