The Eye Bar

The Eye Bar

EnChroma gives more color to the Colorblind!

  • Time:Friday, 04 September 2015 00:00
The Eye Bar can now help those men and women who are colorblind! Hi my name is Jared. I am colorblind. My whole life I have not seen color the way you do. The average person sees about 1,000,000 colors. The average color blind person sees somewhere around 100,000 colors. 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are color blind (or color deficient). I have been ecstatic for sometime hoping that these glasses work from Enchroma. We got them today and let me tell you its amazing. I can see purple and pink like I have never seen before. The color literally explodes to me now, where before it was dull. I mean I could sort of tell it was pink or purple. However, now wearing the glasses, Wow thats purple and its freaking beautiful.

Cheap and Ugly Eyewear is Sad....

  • Time:Wednesday, 01 July 2015 00:00
I find it sad these days to see men and women put so much thought and effort into their shoes, outfits, handbags, etc. and be in ugly, cheap, poorly fitting glasses. It really kills me. You have $600 shoes, a $3000 handbag and look fantastic. Except your wearing cheap glasses made in china. (I'm looking at you Oprah and Gayle!) Its like buying what looks like a brand new BMW and opening the hood and seeing a 40 year old golf cart engine. Maybe you got a deal but did you? Nope. I got to hand it to some of these companies tho, they are marketing machines. They have lots of people fooled that they are actually selling a great product. Its really impressive. You do indeed get what you pay for.

Salt Optics + Aether Collaboration. Awesome.

  • Time:Saturday, 27 June 2015 00:00
Salt Optics + Aether have come together to design some unique sunglasses. These things make you want to hop on a motorcycle and ride! They feature Salts uncompromising Japanese manufacturing, polarized photochromic lenses and beta titanium. They feel and look fantastic. A little different and a whole lot of cool. Salt Optics Scout and Salt Optics Explorer. Check the video below for a little inspiration. Buy the Salt Optics Scout or Salt Optics Explorer for a limited time.

Theo Eyewear - Designer Glasses

  • Time:Tuesday, 02 June 2015 00:00

What happens when passionate people are not satisfied the status quo? Innovation. More than 20 years ago, Belgian opticians Patrick Hoet and Wim Somers each had their own optometry businesses; however they were not happy with the collection of frames they were receiving. The whole lot they stocked was mind-numbing, mass-produced junk so they teamed up and created their own unique brand. Theo Eyewear was born from a passion to offer quality designer glasses that are as unique as the person that wears them.

What we do at The Eye Bar!

  • Time:Sunday, 10 May 2015 00:00
Luxury Eyewear at The Eye Bar Looking for a reliable, convenient and dependable shopping destination for all your eyewear needs? The Eye Bar is the place to go for all your eyewear needs. We stock the finest quality luxury eyewear products you desire or are not even aware is available!. We are committed to be your one stop shop boutique for all the latest eyewear luxuries and other fashion products. Our products have been artistically designed by professional and hottest designers. Besides, we are available for all the appointments in case you need a special service. We can tailor our service to suit your individual needs in all aspects of eyewear products.

ic! berlins new eyewear fashion show

  • Time:Thursday, 16 September 2010 21:00

Ralph who owns ic! berlin starts this show off with a bang! I mean he gives new meaning to his "I have nothing" idea. Incredible new frames!

Watch him kick off the show and watch the runway show here! Very PG-13 at the beginning but everything is blurred out! ;) ic Berlin eyewear only at The Eye Bar in St Louis.




Come out for Boutique Night for Alives Fashion Week

  • Time:Thursday, 09 September 2010 20:49

We are excited to be a part of Alive Magazines Fashion Week and featured eyewear provider!  The models will be wearing eyewear from Oliver Peoples, Badgley Mischka, Robert Marc, ic! berlin, Paul Smith & Sama. Hopefully you can make it out for the event this Saturday! If you cant make it Saturday to the show, please stop by the store to see the latest in eyewear! We love our to share our passion for the finest in eyewear with you!


The Show: Bud Select Presents Liquid Style
The Essentials: Saturday, September 11; 7pm Select Pre-Party, 8pm Fashion Show at Old Post Office Plaza (9th & Locust St., Downtown), 10pm After Party at The Pepper Lounge
Why It’s A Must-See: If you have yet to make it to the area’s newest shops, now is your chance to get personal with the goods you’ve been hearing about through the grapevine. Featuring fall looks from five hot rookie retailers (NV on Washington, Klutch in Town & Country, Rung in Rock Hill, Boutique 83, and The Eye Bar in the
Central West End and Sole & Blues—which isn’t “new” so much as a mainstay in The Loop, but has recently relocated, resulting in drastically-expanded inventory), an under-the stars runway will serve as an ideal setting for the fresh-and-sexy lineup.

For up-to-the-minute info on Saint Louis Fashion Weeks and to purchase tickets, Log on

Our Friends help kick off Fashion Week With Alive

  • Time:Wednesday, 08 September 2010 20:03

Our friend Whitney was a model at the fist day of Fashion Week with Alive Magaizine. Here are some pics of our pals and customers!

Whitney & Cami

Customer in Iyoko Inyake