The Oliver Peoples Sofee is a perfect frame with vintage styling and a modern spin for todays women. Heres what Oliver Peoples describes them. "Reminiscent of iconic 1980s shades, the classic styling and glamorous shape of the Sofee fuse vintage with modern cool." The Sofee is available in 8 different colors, polarized, mirrored or gradient tints. The Oliver Peoples Sofee is available in store or online in our eShop. Free shipping to the states and no Sales tax! (for now, till the government changes their mind) Get the Oliver Peoples Sofee online here!

We are excited to be the exclusive store in St Louis to carry TD Tom Davies custom eyewear. Tom Davies is available in ready to wear frames (you know, great frames that look great and feel great), Bespoke frames and Couture frames.

Tom Davies Bespoke frames allow us to customize the colors, frame sizing, temple lengths, and personalized laser engraving on the inside.

Tom Davies Couture frames allow us full customization from all the above in the bespoke except we can basically come up with our own design and alter anything. Change the shape, materials, frame thickness, bridge and almost anything.

If you have ever had trouble finding frames that fit, fear no more. In addition to all of our other great collection, Tom Davies allows us complete control and can make perfect glasses that are unique to you!

The Eye Bar is pleased to show you what the perfect fit can look and feel like. Tom Davies Eyewear - Made to Measure.



Mykita Eyewear - How its made.

Mykita eyewear is a fantastic line of german handmade eyeglasses and sunglasses direct from Berlin. The Mykita Haus has the design team, graphic artists, and craftsmen who make all the glasses. This is not your average eyeglass frame. The attention to detail is stunning.

Love this video and why great eyewear is a more expensive then the garbage coming from China.



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The Eye Bar is having a trunk sale and is offering extra savings when you purchase a Glennon Card! When you purchase a Glennon Card, 100% of the procedes go to helping the children cared for by SSM Cardinal Glennon. Glennon Cards can be purchased, in store directly through The Eye Bar

Have your children started complaining about not being able to see the whiteboard at school? Perhaps they’ve started inching closer and closer to your family’s flatscreen or holding their iPads close to their faces. Either way, all three signs suggest that they may be dealing with myopia.

Attitudes about eye glasses have change dramatically over the last couple of years. Vintage style and "geek chic" have changed the way people think about glasses. For many people, fashionable eyewear has become a must-have accessory, even if they are not needed.